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Notice to All Dr. Young and Dr. McQuinn's patients: 2013 HIPAA Breach Notice

A burglary occurred in our Alameda office on June 5th 2013.  Several laptops were stolen.  One laptop contained copies of some letters, eg. disability letters, requested by Dr. Young's patients.  None of the laptops contained letters for Dr. McQuinn's patients.   While these laptops were password protected and neither paper charts nor electronic medical records were taken, we wanted to inform our patients of this event.  We have sent out letters personally notifying patients who had letters on the laptop; however, we are missing addresses for a few patients not seen in the last 2 years, so this will serve as notice.  We want to reassure you that your medical records continue to be protected in our office.   If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact the office at 510-748-5363.